Fibre is a vital element of the dairy cows diet. Whether your farm is a high input or a grass only system straw provides this fibre particularly when the dry matter in their diet is lacking.

The Hay and Straw Company can provide you with your requirements by selecting quality grain crops and baling at the optimum time ensuring the straw you receive is at its best possible quality.

Ryegrass Straw / thrashed rye

Ryegrass Straw is baled after the grass seed has been removed. It is a very palatable product with better nutritional value than Grain Straw.

Dry Matter content of around 85%.

Barley / Wheat / Oat Straw

All three grain straws are of  similar food value but do vary in look and feel with Barley being the most popular. Wheat and Oat are becoming more popular to the high input farmer with mixer wagons due to having a thicker stem, therfore having more of the scratch factor on the Rumen.

Dry Matter Content of around 90%.




Our Pricing

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*Prices based on UNIT loads (Truck & Trailer)

*Prices INCLUDE DELIVERY to the greater WAIKATO

*For pricing to other areas Ph: 0800478729

*Half load options available


*Prices can change without notice and may not always be shown correctly on the website.


  • Barley:  $6-50BE (13 & 14 BE Sq - 72 Bales T&T)
  • Rye:      $350 Tonne (48 Sq per load)
  • Wheat:  $6-50BE

  • Lucerne: $120-00 (42 Per Load)
  • Meadow:$120-00 (42 Per Load

  • SQ: $8-50 BE (12 & 14 BE) 
  • Os: $8-50BE (15 BE or 5Ft)
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